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Resilience Exercise #11

Are You Listening to your 'Inner Chatter Box'?

We all have an “Inner Chatter Box”. Have you ever noticed that you keep carrying on in your own mind about one thing or another? Your mind is likely as busy as a major intersection at rush hour. Managing your “Inner Chatter Box” is recognizing that you are responsible for the traffic flow of your thoughts. If your thoughts take you on dark and depressing roads or get you on the fast and furious highway of anger and contempt, remind yourself that you have the power of slowing them down or turning them off. Your thoughts are like a car, you need to remain in control of how fast they go and to keep them on a straight path. Otherwise, it is disastrous for you and those around you. 

• Create a quiet moment and become an observer of your own mind

• Notice the various conversations that are going on

• Ask yourself how beneficial is it for you to carry on with this inner dialogue

• Choose which pattern of thoughts you will turn off or reinforce

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