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Resilience Exercise #14

Learn to Manage your Anxiety

Anxiety is triggered when your brain tells you to fear something. The focus of the fear may be a person, a thing or a situation. With anxiety, people often end up worrying that something May one day occur with no real evidence in the present that this eventuality will materialize. 

To decrease your anxiety, practice the following:

• Write down what is feared and on your mind

• Ask yourself how many times in your entire life have you worried about this specific thing, write down how many time. 

• Identify how many times your fear has materialized in relation to how often you have worried about it. Ex. I worry about making a fool of myself at a meeting. I have worried about this at least 100 times. In retrospect, I have never made a fool of myself at meeting.

• Challenge yourself with the evidence. If the evidence points out to the fact that you keep worrying about something that has never occurred or is very unlikely to occur, where is the evidence you need to continue entertaining this thought?

• Commit to letting go of thoughts that are not grounded in evidence

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