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Manon Dulude Psychotherapy Services

The overall aim of a psychotherapist is to provide an opportunity for people to work towards living more satisfyingly and resourcefully. To learn more about the psychotherapy services offered by Manon Dulude, click here.

Psychotherapy vs. Coaching - How to Choose?

Since coaching is a more palatable concept than psychotherapy, clients are increasingly seeking coaching as their first line of attack to address their life dissatisfactions. While psychotherapy and coaching are both on the personal development continuum with a similar goal to improve people’s lives, they are starkly different. Coaches, like psychotherapists, are ethically responsible to understand the difference between the two disciplines and draw clear boundaries in their own businesses, as clients likely would best benefit from one service rather than the other.

Learn how to choose between coaching and psychotherapy.

Resilience Exercises

Change is constant. We all face ongoing challenges and resilience is the foundation which supports us through these challenges. Forge Coaching and Consulting provides a series of exercises that will enable you to strengthen your resilience and help give you confidence to face what comes your way.


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