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Resilience Exercise #4

Exercise #4 - Focus on What You Want

focusThis exercise is particularly helpful for those who have had little experience with reaching their goals or who put others ahead of themselves. 

• Identify and write down what you want.

• if your mind focuses on what you don’t want, write it down on a separate piece of paper, and then ask yourself, if I don’t want X, what do I want instead. Take the time to listen to yourself. Be open to your desires without judgement.

• Keep writing about what you want. 

• Allow the picture to become clearer by writing about what you want in details.

• Once you have developed a clear picture of what you want, identify one step that is achievable that you are willing to take toward getting what you want. 

• Once you have completed this action, identify the next small step 

• Every day return to your vision and identify the next step to take

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