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Resilience Coaching

Resilience Exercises

There is much you can do to gain or strengthen your resilience. Here at Forge, we'd like to help you with that. Over the coming weeks we will be posting detailed exercises that will help you on your journey to resilience. Listed beside each exercise is the scheduled posting date. We invite you to return and gain valuable insights every week.

Mindfulness Practice

Exercise #1  - Grounding Yourself in Your Environment  

Exercise #2  - Become Mindful of Your Body 

Exercise #3  - Practice Watching Your Mind  

Exercise #4  - Focus on What You Want  

Exercise #5  - Notice Yourself Through Others  

Exercise #6  - Be grateful 

Exercise #7  - Accept Responsibility 


Assessing Feelings

Exercise #8  - Learn to Discern Your Feelings  

Exercise #9  - Learn to Unbundle Your Feelings to Increase Your Resilience  

Exercise #10 - Learn to Identify Your Emotional Triggers 

Exercise #11 - Are You Listening to Your 'Inner Chatter Box'? 

Exercise #12 - Increase Your Awareness and Ability to Manage Your Anger  

Exercise #13 - Express Your Feelings Directly  

Exercise #14 - Learn to Manage Your Anxiety  

Exercise #15 - Become Aware of the Ghost of Shame 

           assess feelings

Building a Positive Orientation

Exercise #16 - Increase Your Energy and Happiness

Exercise #17 - Get in Touch With Your Gifts  

Exercise #18 - Learn the Art of Appreciation  

Exercise #19 - At the End of the Day, You are Your Best Support  

Exercise #20 - Freeze Your Negative Energy 

Exercise #21 - Being Kind to Your Body is Being Kind to You  

Exercise #22 - Failure is Part of the Learning Curve 

Exercise #46 - Smile On the World 

Exercise #47 - Notice What you Like About Those Around You 

                     positive direction 

Self Awareness

Exercise #23 - Your moods are Passing Events in Your Life 

Exercise #24 - Get out of the Blame Game 

Exercise #25 - Practice Acknowledging Yourself

Exercise #26 - Learn to Let Go 

Exercise #27 - Manage Your Energy 

Exercise #28 - How Do You Think About Yourself? 

Exercise #29 - When You Put Yourself in the Victim's Role 

Exercise #33 - Look at the World Through the Eyes of a Toddler or Puppy 

Exercise #34 - Notice how you think about yourself.  

Exercise #36 - Identify Your Wants 

Exercise #37 - Tune in With Empathy 
                         self awareness 

Learning to Have Fun

Exercise #30 - Take Yourself on a Date and Have Fun
Exercise #39 - More fun please 

Exercise #44 - Commit to Laughter 

Thought Management

Exercise #31 - Challenge Early Life Messages                             

Exercise #32 -   Are You Feeling Selfish?


Exercise #35 - Manage Your Energy                                                     


Exercise #38 - Change the Role You Play in a Story     

Self Soothing

Exercise #40 - Neutralize Your Thoughts 

Exercise #43 - Soothing Strategies Good for You and Your Relationships 

Exercise #45 - Stop the Highjacking 

Exercise #48 - Get Out of Your Head 

Stress Management

Exercise #41 - Defuse Stress 

Exercise #42 - Control What You Can and Let Go of the Rest  

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